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Why On-demand Training is Better than Live

kvcore products Jul 17, 2021

I often get messages from agents I don't know.

And I like it -- especially when it's a thank you note!

Today, I got a message from a new agent who I had not encountered before. She introduced herself and expressed her gratitude for my videos.

She told me how she came across my Youtube videos, with links and resources -- and how it helped her move further than training directly from the vendor.

In this case, the agent was referring to the kvCore training offered by Inside Real Estate.

If you're trying to figure out kvCore and other digital marketing tools for your real estate business, I invite you to indulge in my trainings!

Think you don't like watching training videos? You might find mine are a bit different.

The following is just one of many messages like this I receive on a daily basis!

"I’m a new agent. I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your KvCore trainings! I’ve come so much farther with your trainings than with the Agent Success track. Thank you for helping me reach one of my 90 day goals of using KvCore efficiently."

Here's why On-Demand training is better than live:

1. You can go at your own pace -- pause, stop, start, go back.

2. You "attend training" on your own schedule.

3. Most on-demand training has been edited so the training is shortened...and you don't have to endure technical issues or eye-rolling questions from other participants that take place in live settings.

4. Usually, the trainer is good enough that they already know what questions you have and will likely answer them at some point during the training. However, many on-demand training platforms (even Youtube) gives you the ability to post comment or ask a question on the video -- and the trainer will likely answer!

5. If you do attend live training, watching the on-demand versions of the training will reinforce, clarify or correct the information you received during a live session.

6. You don't have to worry about your camera or mic being on during an on-demand session, so feel free to train in the nude.

So see? On-demand training is pretty cool!

Learn all about my on-demand training offerings, including those that are free, paid and on You-tube.



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