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A Pretty Website Doesn't Make You Rich

Feb 08, 2024

 I'm noticing this...are you?

A lot of "kvCore Gurus" are out here either charging people or teaching people how to make their website look pretty.

It's true that I'm known as the kvCore Queen and was named the first kvCore Ambassador by Inside Real Estate.

BUT...I'm also an active real estate agent, team leader, member of the eXp Michigan Agent Advisory Council, past member of the National eXp Realty Agent Advisory Council AND 10X Business  Coach partnered with Grant Cardone.

I don't care if your website is pretty. I care if you're gritty.

I'm here to help my fellow agents blaze their own trail, scale their business and achieve their goals.

It's personal to me.

And so...I have a different priority when it comes to kvCore -- to provide systems and strategies to generate more leads, close more transactions -- and help as many people as possible buy or sell properties.

I mean...isn't that why we're in this business?

Don't you want to know where your next meal is coming from?

Here are my questions to you:

  • What lead generating activities are you implementing on a weekly basis?

  • How many leads did you get yesterday?

  • How many contacts did you have a real estate conversation with over that last 7 days?

  • How many of your sphere contacts did you convert into a listing appointment or buyer consultation in January?

  • What have you done to nurture your database over the last quarter?

  • How many transactions did you close in 2023 by leveraging your systems?

  • Is your system functioning and optimized -- and do you know how to work with contacts within the system?

I've got tons of resources for you at The Sylvia System!

Let's start with the free stuff and we'll work our way up.

  1. ThinkFuture Real Estate on Youtube. I can't tell you how many agents thank me for my videos on Youtube. Some tell me I've completely change their business for the better and they never paid me a dime --which was my goal all along. Subscribe

  2. Free Resources at The Sylvia System. From my free class to How to Setup kvCore from Start to Finish -- to -- my Squeeze Page training --- to -- my Digital Domination have everything you need to get up and running (if you're willing to follow step-by-step training) Get started

  3. Digital Domination Masterclass - 14-day free trial. I offer a live training with recordings, access to ALL my exclusive on-demand training with Sylvia System University, a weekly training & challenge email AND a private FB group to collaborate.

  4. kvCore SetupsWordpress SetupsVirtual Assistants. Check out my Success Menu.


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