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30 Day Lead Challenge

Get started with lead generation, growing your database & converting your contacts into commission checks! Let us know you're committed to the challenge here. We start Aug. 1, 2023.

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kvCore Odyssey

Join us for our "to infinity & beyond" 2023 summer training series. This is a free a live Zoom presentation hosted by Sylvia most Saturdays at 11 a.m. EST. You can also purchase the recording package

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Free kvCore Setup Course

Don't want to pay for a kvCore setup? You can DIY it! Get Sylvia's latest training on "How to Setup kvCore from Start to Finish in 2023." Step-by-step instruction to set up your kvCore account & website for functionality.

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kvCore Lead Gen Template

Get Sylvia's kvCore Lead Gen Template and training. Learn how to create, post & boost a squeeze page on Facebook. Learn how to master kvCore squeeze pages and leverage them to maximize your lead-gen efforts.

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kvCore Bulk Import Template

Get Sylvia's kvCore bulk import template and training. Learn how to organize your contacts and conduct your own bulk import into the kvCore Smart CRM. Also take the database strategy bonus training.

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kvCore Strategy Calendar

Learn what to do with kvCore everyday, every week and every month! This calendar will provide you with the step-by-step instructions of how to grow, manage & nurture your database.

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Prospecting Power Hour

Do you procrastinate when it comes to getting on the phone? Need to make more prospecting calls? Sometimes it’s better together. Join us for a group phone prospecting hour of power.


Sylvia's Youtube Channel

Sylvia (that's me) literally can't go to any event where other realtors are without someone thanking me me for my free videos on Youtube. Agents have told me the content has been game-changing for their business.


Free Course Bundle

Get some of Sylvia's hidden gems free, including: "Top 5 Free Marketing Strategies for Realtors;" "How to Create & Send a Custom Email Newsletter";  and "How to Use Video with kvCore & Beyond."

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7-Day Access to Xanadu

Get our most current FREE "How to Setup kvCore from Start to Finish" video course; "How to Create & Send a Custom Email Newsletter"; "How to Use Video with kvCore & Beyond;" "Marketing Launch Kit" & more!

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How to Setup Google My Biz

Ready to take your real estate business’s online presence to the next level? If you’re a real estate agent who doesn't work in an office, you may be wondering how to increase your online visibility and attract more clients. 

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Marketing Launch Kit

Before you order your business cards, signs & other marketing materials...Follow these steps to create your branding, marketing & technology strategy for your real estate business.

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Prevent Email Going to Spam

Whether you're sending from your kvCore account -- or from anywhere -- you need to conduct some technical tasks as well as follow some best practices when sending email. Here's a 3-step checklist you need.

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Digital Domination Checklist

It's time to audit your digital real estate life! Here's your checklist to help you digitally dominate the real estate market. Learn to update the digital assets you need for a strong online presence.

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Magic Bag On-Demand

Get on-demand access to all of Sylvia's favorite Youtube training videos. From squeeze page training, to converting seller leads, to creating a custom newsletter...you don't want to miss these gems.

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