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Real Estate Mentor in a Box

Feb 04, 2024

I've got some basic real estate training I want to share with you for free.

But first, I want to say a few things.

When it comes to success in growing your real estate business, I fully believe it's up to you -- the individual -- and no one else.

No sponsor. No mentor. No team. No coach. No local board or MLS. No law. No local market. No interest rate. No lender. No title company. No inspector. No appraiser. No trade association. No team leader or broker. And no brokerage/ responsible for your success. 

No personal advantages, including: your sphere of influence, financial position, or upbringing will make or break you.

Nobody and nothing -- except who you are and what you do in this moment -- can make or break your destiny.

It's always going to be up to you to create success, find solutions and make a way for yourself.

Ok. So, now that I've said my piece...let me share this free training with you.

Agents ask me about real estate basics all the time.

  • How do I create a CMA?
  • How do I track my contract to close tasks?
  • How do I generate business?

I've got a free course for agents who might be interested in this type of content. Introducing "Real Estate Mentor in a Box."

This course is under construction...I have a lot of training to still add to the course. I also need to update some of the content.

BUT, I wanted to provide access to what I've compiled so far -- for those who want or need it.

Whether your at eXp Realty or any other brokerage, this training can easily be applied to your own situation (-:

You might be a new agent, re-launching agent, struggling agent, mentor and/or a team leader. Either way, feel free to use the training I'm providing.


~ Sylvia Dana

Founder of The Sylvia System

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