Virtual Assistants


How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Weekly live training sessions on Zoom, plus access to Sylvia's exclusive on-demand training library. Learn how to master your systems, generate & convert leads & nurture your database. Includes recordings!

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LIVE kvCore Training for VAs

Most virtual assistants don't have kvCore experience (like the VA companies like to tell you). We train VAs -- focusing on database management, lead generation & content creation. Includes on-demand training!

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Get Magic Wand Free

Want it all? Maximize kvCore to the fullest when you join Presto! Get the most amazing done-for-your kvCore setup on the planet, along with world-class coaching & training for you, your team & your virtual assistants.

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kvCore Kommandos

Get Sylvia's exclusive training series from 2021 through 2023 -- including: Genie in a Bottle (beginning to end kvCore training); Summer Jam (advanced topics); Xandau (Lead Generation Workshop; & kvCore Odyssey!

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We Hire & Train VAs for You

Sylvia (that's me) literally can't go to any event where other realtors are without someone thanking me me for my free videos on Youtube. Agents have told me the content has been game-changing for their business.

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Real Estate VA Training Hub

Have a group agents who need to get started with kvCore? Sylvia will present "10 Tactics for Lead Generation & Conversion" live class to your group of 10 or more agents. Includes a Q & A + tons of free resources.

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