Virtual Assistants 

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

 A lot of agents ask me if I can tell them how to hire a VA, if I can hire a VA for them, and/or if I can train their VA. I can help you find the right VA solution. But there are mistakes to avoid when it comes to hiring & working with a VA.

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kvCore Kommandos

My own VAs who I hire, train, manage evaluation will help you lead generate & convert, nurture your database, & create & publish content FOR YOU! Add-on service for Presto! Prestige Coaching members only.

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LIVE kvCore Training for VAs

Most virtual assistants don't have kvCore experience (like the VA companies like to tell you). We train VAs -- focusing on database management, lead generation & content creation. Includes on-demand training!

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Get Magic Wand Free

Want it all? Maximize kvCore to the fullest when you join Presto! Get the most amazing done-for-your kvCore setup on the planet, along with world-class coaching & training for you, your team & your virtual assistants.

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We Hire & Train VAs for You

We have trained VAs, certified by The Sylvia System, ready to work for you! We'll match you with highly qualified VAs to help you scale your real estate business. And, we'll support your partnership for a full year!

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Real Estate VA Training Hub

Current and aspiring VAs are welcome to join our private FB group. Here, you will get access to enroll in our next VA Bootcamp where you'll be trained & certified by The Sylvia System. It's FREE to participate!

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