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How to Own Your Brand with a Wordpress Website

wordpress Mar 31, 2021
A lot of agents ask me if they need a Wordpress site, in addition to their kvCore (or other IDX).
Answer is...yes -- it certainly helps with your SEO and brand awareness -- no doubt about it.

I've had my own Wordpress website since I began in real estate in 2016.

When I switched brokerages in 2017, it was a seamless transition for my branding, because I've always branded myself as with Wordpress.

Realtors have been asking me for months and months to offer a Wordpress website package. And so here it is!

I've created 'Be the Boss' Wordpress Website package to be an affordable & effective solution for real estate agents.

See a Live Example

'Be the Boss' is a one page agent profile, landing page style Wordpress website.

This is a website you can "take with you" -- no matter what IDX you're using or what brokerage you join. We link it to your kvCore website -- or another IDX website of your choice.

This landing page website is not an IDX website on its own, but it is easily linked to whatever lead generating links or IDX you want to link it to.

There's no updating or blogging you have to do!

It will keep things simple. At the same time, it will provide your audience with a "hub" of information in which you can point them to whatever IDX website or other URL links of your choice!

See a Live Example

With your own Wordpress website, you will:

  • Improve your brand awareness
  • Increase your search engine ranking
  • Secure your brand because you own it

Most of all, I'm making it easy & affordable. We'll do the website design, set it up, link it using links of your choice, host it, protect it from hacking & spam & keep it updated for 12 consecutive months. We'll do ALL this for just $399.

(After the first 12 months, it's only $25 a month to keep it hosted, secure & updated)

To make it even easier, I'm offering two ways to pay. You can choose one of the following:

One payment of $399


Two monthly payments of $200

Learn more & select your payment options here


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