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10 Essentials to Fast Start Your kvCore

kvcore Mar 09, 2021


The Best Five Bucks You'll Spend this Year


New kvCore users always ask for a "checklist" to get their kvCore launched.

As busy real estate agents, we want something we can just hurry up and get free leads with. 

Unfortunately, there's no easy button with Inside Real Estate's kvCore Platform.

There's a lot to unpack before you can successfully master kvCore. But that doesn't mean you have to know everything in order to start benefiting from kvCore's features right now.

So, I've created a training to help you with the 10 Essentials to Fast Start Your kvCore.

What's it cost? Five dollars and less than 90 minutes of your time; it will be the best five bucks & time you'll spend all year. Because once you get comfortable with kvCore, it will be the gift that keeps on giving!

In this first session of my Genie in a Bottle kvCore Training Series (Spring 2021), the 10 Essentials to Fast Start Your kvCore will help you:

  1. Understand 5 Everyday Features of kvCore: Web/IDX; Smart CRM; Lead Engine; Marketing Autopilot; & kvCore Mobile App
  2. Consider 5 Things Before Getting Started with kvCore: MLS/Multiple MLSs; Teams; Branding & Domains; Social Media Setup & Smart Number
  3. Do the Pre-requisites: Opt in for kvCore; Identify Your URL; & Setup a FB Biz Page
  4. Switch to the “New” kvCore
  5. Create a Quick Agent Profile
  6. Add 20 SEO Pages with Keywords
  7. Edit Basic Website Settings
  8. Install Essential Default Campaigns
  9. Create a Single Property Squeeze Page
  10. Post & Boost on Facebook



Ready to get this party started?

Get 10 Essentials to Fast Start your kvCore recorded session ondemand for just $5.

Get the entire Genie in a Bottle kvCore Training Series, designed to be your beginning to end training solution for making your kvCore wishes come true.
Purchase the whole series, including 8+ weeks of training (it might go for more than 8 weeks). Recordings uploaded from our live series within 7 days after each broadcast..for just $67. Includes bonus materials galore!
If you're on a budget, I invite you to purchase the whole series in two easy payments of $35 in two months.

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